Additive and base material for cosmetic products

SAIBER – kn is Fundamentally

Whether as stabilizer in oil-water emulsions, as filler in lotions or soaps or as eco-friendly ingredient in peeling products; the application of SAIBER – KN plant fibers in cosmetic products is extremely versatile.Cosmetic products serve our personal care and the conservation of the beauty of the human body. Natural cosmetics support the stimulation of our elemental dermal functions and provide gentle and natural care for the health protection of our skin. The application of skin-friendly and eco-friendly raw materials allows that the high standards of modern, natural and especially skin-friendly care can be achieved.

Fiber, extracted from natural plants. All plants cellulose, natural sugar polymer as a fundamental framework. Chemically cellulose is a polysaccharide, complex carbohydrate molecules with fully natural polymer, three dimensional fiber networks. Fundamental part of every plant, purified by cleaning processes of plants which is neutral in taste and odor.


Improves texture, more physical strength to finished product, maintains original softness of product. Fibrous appearance, no gel formation, functionality based on liquid absorption, physical water retention capacity related to fiber length, no change in microbiological condition with more water. It absorbs any liquid (first available liquid will be sucked in) by capillary force of the fibers. It retains original color of cosmetic product.

Cosmetic Application of SAIBER-KN

  • Moisture-regulating fiber network in facial masks to retard dry-out and prevent cracking
  • Micro-cleansing particles in dental care
  • Stabilization of lotions, creams or shampoo
  • Peeling particles in shower peelings or lotions for facial cleansing
  • In mascara for more eyelash volume
  • In make-up powders or shampoos to bind oils and fats
  • Scrubber

Advantages for personal care products

  • Natural and sustainable raw material alternative for higher product value
  • High water and oil binding
  • Temperature stable & ph-stable ingredient
  • Inert
  • Easy dispersible and processible
  • Allergen free (gluten free) fiber
  • Vegan ingredient
  • No animal studies
  • Non GMO

Product related characteristics

  • Binding
  • Viscosity-increasing
  • Stabilizing
  • Texturizing
  • Skin-protecting
  • Peeling

Besides the careful selection of raw materials the ecologic compatibility of the products, efficient production methods and sustainable raw materials play a vital role for today’s cosmetic industry. Thus several organizations support an exclusion of micro plastics in peelings or dental care products. For these cosmetic applications SAIBER-KN natural fibers are an eco-friendly alternative. Our SAIBER-KN cellulose fibers are of organic origin, sustainable and gentle to humans and nature, easily bio degradable.

Range of cosmetic applications

  • Skin care and skin cleansing
  • Dental care
  • Facial care and facial cleansing
  • Decorative cosmetics
  • Scrubber

Physical Characteristics


Off white


No Flavor


<50,100 microns


Fine & Smooth



Water Holding capacity

5-6 times of weight

Oil holding capacity

2.5-3 times of weight