Functional food additive

Sugarcane dietary fiber SAIBER – kn is categorized as functional food ingredient

SAIBER – kn in food products

Improves texture, more physical strength to finished product, maintains original softness of product. Fibrous appearance, no gel formation, functionality based on liquid absorption, physical water retention capacity related to fiber length, no change in microbiological condition with more water. It absorbs any liquid (first available liquid will be sucked in) by capillary force of the fibers. Retains original color of food product. Retains moisture content in final product. Reduces rubber like Bite, creamy mouth feel, more juicy product (Non veg), less shrinkage (Non veg), lower fats (low oil)

Application of SAIBER-kn

Saiber-kn can be added to veg. & non veg. food products without any change in taste or flavor. It improves nutritional value of the products. Other benefits are improved shelf life, better texture due to maintained moisture. It also adds volume to the product. The ratio of addition of Saiber-kn may vary from 3 to 12 % by weight depending on type of food product and characteristics expected. Physical characteristics slightly differ with size or length of fiber powder. Saifer-kn available in powder form in size 50 µm, 100 µm, 150 µm.

SAIBER – Kn in food processing

Supports Emulsification. It is anticaking, enhances yield due to water retention. Behaves neutrally with other ingredients. Fiber is stable to heating process, helps in uniform baking processes, uniform cooling process. Water inside the fibers prevents absorption of fat during frying. It prevents crystal formation during freezing since water is absorbed in micro fiber tubes.

SAIBER–Kn In Dietary health products

Improves dietary fiber content, less calories. Creamy mouth feel, gives satiety in smaller portions. Better product consistency of powder mix products senior food & clinical products. Better and easier bowel movement.