Today processed and high calorie food has become integral part of modern lifestyle. Most of the modern food products offers us imbalanced high calorie low nutritional food intake resulting into lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetics & hypertension. Child obesity is one of the serious problems for many countries.

Traditionally Sugarcane is known as a good source of sugar. But what we want to tell the world is that it can be a source of edible dietary fiber also. Sugarcane is one of the efficient photo synthesizer (can produce max. amount of biomass per unit area) crop in the world. It also contains many vital vitamin & minerals. Sugarcane has a capacity to provide assured and economical source of dietary fiber supplement.


We at Resha Natural Agro Processing Co. have invented sugarcane processing technology that converts whole sugarcane plant into edible dietary fiber. Modification in traditional cane processing technology with addition of our innovative methods produces fine sugarcane flour which is neutral in taste & odor. This sugarcane flour can be added as dietary fiber additive to many food products. Process is designed to retain all vital vitamins & minerals available in sugarcane. We do not use any harmful chemicals in the process and do not alter cell structure of plant material.

We have made an attempt to provide all natural dietary fiber food supplements to add to your routine food products or diet plan. It will help balancing your diet to overcome lifestyle disease in a simplest way.

R&D Set up –

1. Laboratories Set Up In house & external laboratories like Soil Analysis lab, Water analysis lab, Sugar & Fiber analysis lab, distillery & microbial lab, Bio gas analysis lab.

2. Engineering Set Up - Established sugarcane processing set up with experienced engineering team & skilled technicians. Equipment designing, process set up & machinery modification.

3. Agriculture Set Up - Selection of sugarcane farm, Sugarcane development program & managing harvesting & transportation of sugarcane.

4. IT Set Up - In house development of ERP software system. Agricultural data base of 10000 sugarcane farmers in 100 km radial distance for last 15 yrs. Developed effective IT tools for sugarcane development, harvesting & processing management. Computerized cane plantation, monitoring & harvesting program.