Natural dietary fiber from sugarcane

Saiber-kn is a fine flour or powder that can be incorporated into almost all vegan and meat foods products to increase yields, shelf life, texture and mouth-feel without any change in taste or flavor. The ratio of addition of Saiber-kn may vary from 5 to 15 % depending on type of food product and characteristics desired.

Benefit for food product / food manufacturer

Added nutritional value

Increases shelf life

Increased yield, adds volume to product, Cost saving

Retains moisture

Improves texture in baked items, Juiciness to meat products

Do not alter taste, flavor and color of food product

Stable to heat and freezing conditions

Natural, Easy to use

Product features

100% natural dietary fiber

Very high fiber claim

Glutton free, Prebiotech

Green label, no chemical alteration process

Non GMO, Vegetarian product, derived from whole plant

Made in India, country of origin of sugarcane & cane processing technology



Off white


No Flavor


50,100,150 microns


Fine & Smooth



Water Holding capacity

5-8 times of weight

Oil holding capacity

2.5-4 times of weight