Company is located in a traditional sugarcane rich belt of India, a country of origin of sugarcane. Cultivation of sugarcane is our traditional farming practice and sugarcane processing is our family business since generations. Over the years we have achieved excellence in sugarcane processing for manufacturing of sugar & other bi-products. We are associated with 5000 traditional sugarcane farmers from 100 villages for regular supply of quality sugarcane.


Traditionally Sugarcane is known as very good source of sugar. We have invented sugarcane processing technology that extracts fine fiber from sugarcane and converts whole plant into edible sugarcane dietary fiber (sucrose removed). It also contains many vital vitamin & minerals.

Our Innovative technology has a potential to offer one of the best option for dietary fiber as an ingredient to the world of nutrition and food supplement. Our technology respects nature. We do not use any harmful chemicals, excess heat in manufacturing. The process does not alter cell structure of plant material.



Tradition & innovation is our core strength. Inspired & dedicated team of experts is our path towards excellence. Excellence & devotion leads us towards highest levels of customer satisfaction.